Hygiene Markets in Asia Pacific:
From Now to 2020

This year, the event will talk about opportunities and threats in this industry, hot topics concentrate on products performance in comfort and fit, skin health, absorbency and dryness etc. Meanwhile, top industry players will be invited to deliver in-depth and state-of-the-art lectures, as well as provide a better communication and idea exchanging platform.

The Symposium Will Offer

  • Networking opportunities that encourage the exchange of ideas and sharing of best practices from across the disposable hygiene supply chain
  • Top industry experts will discuss the evolution of technologies and the opportunities they present to participants in Asia-Pacific markets

Hot Topics

  • Discussion of new materials and advanced technologies
  • Market analysis and outlook on Asia Pacific region, such as China, Japan, Thailand, etc.
  • Market supply & demand and its future trends (for diaper, feminine hygiene, adult incontinence, SAP, etc.)
  • Analysis of consumer purchasing behavior
  • Risks and opportunities for market players that will result from fast-changing macroeconomic and geopolitical developments