Helping Paper Industry Make Better Decisions

This event will gather industrial expertise together to provide a holistic view of the market dynamics of recovered paper and containerboard, and even deliver key insights into this growing and volatile market in China and Southeast Asia, and optimize the buying position of collectors, traders, producers, converters and end-users.

Why to attend?

  • Government officials to talk about the industry policy
  • Industry experts to discuss about the structural reform on macro- economy, development trends of the pulp and paper industry, and its’ influence on recovered paper industry
  • RISI senior economists to share the outlook on global recovered paper availability and trends
  • Networking platform with participants from all different sectors of the recovered paper value chain, ranging from containerboard and corrugated board manufacturers, overseas suppliers, merchants, local collectors, financial institutes, equipment/chemical suppliers, and brand-owners, etc.

Who Should Attend?

  • Recovered paper collectors & packers
  • Imported recovered paper traders
  • Containerboard/Corrugated board producers
  • Convertors
  • Brand-owners
  • Logistics/Transportation
  • Chemical and machinery suppliers
  • Financial or consulting company

Hyatt Regency Xi’an

Hyatt Regency Xi’an is situated in the southeast of the city in Qujiang District, one of the most idyllic and fastest developing areas in Shaanxi Province. Setting beside the beautiful Quijiang Lake, the garden-style five-star hotel features beautiful unobstructed views of the lake and its surrounding greenery.




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